Oye Firangi Lyrics – Firangi

Oye Firangi lyrics from Firangi. Oye Firangi is a song from 2017 Hindi movie Firangi. Oye Firangi song lyrics are written by Devendra Kafir, the music is composed by Jatinder Shah and the song is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan. Oye Firangi audio song is released by the music company Zee Music, the video song is picturized on Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutt (actor and actress). The English meaning of Hindi word “Oye Firangi” is “Hey, English men”. Read Oye Firangi lyrics from Bollywood film Firangi in English font.

Oye Firangi Lyrics – Firangi

Saj dhaj, ban than, chale kidhar
Badli huyi hai kaise aaj ye nazar (x2)

Kaise dhang mein tu aa gaya bedhangi
Bedhangi, bedhangi, bedhangi

Oye firangi, oye firangi
Tu hua firangi, oye firangi (x2)

Ae kachche jehe kanch warga
Eh suchche jehe sach warga
Aasa mere dil nu teriyan ve
Teriyan teriyan teriyan ve

Naino se padh le honthon ki tahareerein
Ishq milayega dono ki taqdeerein (x2)

Tere rang mein rang jaaungi main berangi
Berangi, berangi, berangi

Oye firangi, oye firangi
Tu hua firangi, oye firangi (x2)

End of Oye Firangi lyrics from Firangi

  • Song Name: Oye Firangi
  • Movie Name: Firangi (2017)
  • Song Cast: Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutt
  • Music Director: Jatinder Shah
  • Lyrics Writer: Devendra Kafir
  • Singer(s): Sunidhi Chauhan
  • Record Label: Zee Music

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