Ghoomar Lyrics – Padmavati

Ghoomar lyrics from Padmavati. Ghoomar is a song from 2017 Hindi movie Padmavati. Ghoomar song lyrics are Written by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the music is composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the song is sung by Shreya Ghoshal. Ghoomar audio song is released by the music company T-Series, the video song is picturized on Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor (actor and actress). The English meaning of Hindi word “Ghoomar” is “It’s a name for traditional folk dance of Rajasthan (Indian State)”. Read Ghoomar lyrics from Bollywood film Padmavati in English font translation in the next section.

Ghoomar Lyrics – Padmavati

Ghoomar ramvane aap padharo saa

Aavo ji aavo ji ghoomardi khelba ne
Padharo sa ghoomardi khelba ne
Balam tharo gurar gurar guraave
Aaj mharo jivdo ghano hichkaave
O ghabraave mann mein bhaave
Mharo badilo bhanwar mann bhaave
Chamak cham baaje payal baaje
Baaisa khele

Chhamak chhamak ghunghra baaje
Aao sa ghoomardi khelba ne
Aao sa ghoomardi khelba ne

Kanak preet ki sar pe odh kar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome
Haan ghoomar ghoomar ghoome
O Ralak reet sab jag ki chhod kar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome bharke
Dhola waale thaath
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re
Baaisa ghoomar ghoome re

Mhaari saari kaaya bole
Dhola ji ki chhaaya hole
Mann ka ghoomar jab bhi dole
Soonepan mein mela karke
Dhola waale thaath ghoomar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar
Ghoomar ghoome re
Ghoomar ghoomar ghome re
Baaisa ghoomar ghoome re

Thaare ehsaason ki raunak hai mhari diwali
Mann mehal ki saari deewaarein
Thaare rang rangwa li

Paake thara saaya tann hai jagmagaya
Taaro bhari ho gayi mhari saari kaali raat bharke
Dholan waale thaath ghoomar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar
Ghoomar ghoome re
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re
Baaisa ghoomar ghoome re

Aavo ji aavo ghoomar khelba aavo
Aapan saath saath ghoomar sagla khelba aavo
Are lehngo kurti chunri payaliya thhe pehno
Oye loomar jhoomar ghoomar ghoomar thhe khelo

Devrani, jethani khele
Saasu ji ghoomar khele
Nanad bhojai khele
Baaisa ghoomardi khele

Ghoome re ghoome re ghoome
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoome
Loome jhoome ghoome jhoome
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome (x2)

Loomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome (x4)

End of Ghoomar lyrics from Padmavati

  • Song Name: Ghoomar
  • Movie Name: Padmavati (2017)
  • Song Cast: Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor
  • Music Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • Lyrics Writer: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • Singer(s): Shreya Ghoshal
  • Record Label: T-Series

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  1. i love this song so much . this song is marvelous,and now my favourite song ever.

    • I love this song i don’t want this movie to be stopped or delayed. Politics is such kind of a bad thing that if politicians want they will never let this movie released . Deepika padukone is my one of the favourite actress.

  2. Kalyani Nagbhidkar

    Such a great and traditional and energetic song…
    Love it….

  3. There is no one in the world who will stop the release of padmavati . Such kind of a good and marvelous film should be released

  4. This is a marvelous movie
    Such movies are greatest example of women’s empowerment
    Plz realese tis movie early
    Me n my friends excited see tis movie

  5. Such a luvly song❤especially shreya goshal crystal clear voice😍😍,I start my day with this song😊

  6. Ravi bawra dhaban jhallar

    I love this song its my favrete song

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